Miles Scientific or known as Analtech Inc. before this is the only U.S. manufacturer and distributor of precoated plates, equipment, and accessories for Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and sample preparation. Analtech developed the first commercially prepared U.S. made TLC plates in 1961. Since that time, Analtech has dedicated its resources to the improvement of TLC technology. Analtech offers the widest selection of adsorbent layers, plate sizes, and precoated TLC plate styles available anywhere. Analtech also offer a complete line of TLC apparatus and accessories. 

Gonotec manufactures osmometers and chloridemeters for analysis in the pharma industry, biology, medicine and chemistry. Our desire and aspiration was and still is being a one-stop source for all of our customers demands.

One stop solution for all you laboratory needs! The range of science related business field keeps being magnificently wide more and more. From basic science fields to semiconductors, high-tech digital electronic, heath care, food & drug and eco-friendly product manufacturing fields. Any individual features such as Size, Temperature Range, Controller Type can be assembled within Lab Companion modular system.