COSMED is leaders in Cardio Pulmonary diagnostic and manufactures a full range of Spirometers, Pulmonary Function, Cardio Pulmonary Exercise & Nutritional Assessment diagnostic equipment;   

Lode is world renowned as a manufacturer of high quality ergometers and the Lode brand stands for accuracy, durability and ergonomic design. The Lode product range varies from bicycle ergometers and treadmills to recumbent, arm and supine ergometers and ergometry software. 

Motion Lab Systems produces the worlds largest range of high performance, multi-channel, EMG systems with FDA510(k) clearance for both clinical and research use, as well as EMG preamplifiers and other accessories for both clinical and biomechanics use. We support the C3D file standard and offer a range of advanced EMG and C3D software as well as various accessories for use in biomechanics, gait and motion laboratories worldwide.

The name ADE is synonym for scales and professional kitchen equipment of durable, long lasting and high quality. The famous fan-shaped scales – which are still sold worldwide even today – made the ADE company famous far beyond Germany's borders. 

Specializing in high technology for medical diagnosis, DMS Imaging is now positioned as the French leader in the development, design and production of custom imaging systems for radiologists, BMD, stereo-radiography and podiatry.

the group's strategy, especially focusing on technological innovation, enabling it to offer a complete range of imaging systems in the international market. His presence on all continents through a network of over 140 distributors, subsidiaries and joint ventures, DMS Imaging brings a global dimension.

Swift Performance has been designing sports monitoring systems and performance measurement products since 1994. We provide world class Sports timing, training and monitoring equipment to leading institutions and professional bodies world-wide.

From our state of the art dual beam wireless Speedlight Timing  system to the simplest vertical jump measuring device available, the Yardstick , Swift has the sports monitoring systems you need.

Easytech is a consolidated, dynamic and highly profitable business established in 1994. The working philosophy developed by Easytech (Rehabilitation in 5 phases) aims at developing technologies designed to provide the best possible benefits to operators.